Hi, we are Follow The Bits

We develop VR research solutions

We are a team of Dutch engineers
dedicated to exploring the possibilities
of virtual reality for research labs.

Eye tracking in our Virtual Supermarket

We now offer Eye Tracking for
the HTC Vive!

With a higher resolution, better wearing comfort and less motion sickness, the next generation of virtual reality headsets offers an even more realistic research setup. The best part: we can add eye tracking without any modifications or permanent damage to your Vive!

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Laser cutting a replacement part for the Oculus Rift DK2

We are makers

As design engineers, we have experience with often uncertain innovation processes. We take a step-by-step approach to turn abstract ideas into a product that's ready for manufacturing. We would love to help you innovate by providing custom solutions for your situation.

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Meeting with the UMC Utrecht research team

We participate in research projects

Virtual Reality is in an early stage and has not yet reached its full potential. Through close collaboration with research laboratories, we believe we can explore the possibilities of VR together. We believe in sharing the risk and sharing the rewards.

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